Starting this summer, Kevin Durant is a free agent.

While other teams will make him offers, we’ll show him why OKC is home.

How are we going to do that? By doing the thing we’re best at: Bringing LOUD CITY out and showing that WE love KD.

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.@KDTrey5 while you’re in town, we just want you to know one thing: #WELOVEKD

.@KDTrey5 .@KDTrey5 We bet it feels good to be home! Best of luck in your meetings and remember: #WELOVEKD

.@KDTrey5 we’ve been getting LOUD to show you some love. Have you felt it? #WELOVEKD



Hi, I’m Ben Parker. I’ve been a basketball fan my whole life and a Thunder fan since day one. With KD’s contract ending this year, I launched the campaign “OK loves KD” to show Kevin how much Oklahomans care. After seeing an outpouring of support from outside the state, I decided to re-launch with “We Love KD” so even more fans could get involved.

By donating to the campaign, we’re showing KD how much we care by supporting a cause he cares about. Together, we can help kids in the region stay active and while showing how much WE LOVE KD!